three aphorisms by Mark A. Murphy



We are each drawn to the unreasonable, the irrational, the

unfathomable, waiting for the wait to bear fruit, bear witness

to the truth in a night of near death experiences and sorrowful






A man is not unlike his distant cousin the fish when listening

to the radio, forever holed up in a world where the hook in the

song is ever the lowest common denominator, stupefying and

demeaning him until he his caught, by using the same slow

‘methodical retrieve’ as last time.





When the garret roof starts leaking, the poor man will rub his

only two pennies together, but the famed genie will not appear,

being just as elusive as his ‘social’ landlord.



Mark A. Murphy was born in 1969 in the UK. His poetry publications include Tin Cat Alley (1996), Our Little Bit of Immortality (2011), Night-watch Man & Muse (2013) and his next full length collection, Night Wanderer’s Plea is pending from Waterloo Press, UK. His latest collection, To Nora, A Singer of Sad Songs is to be published this year by Clare Songbirds Publishing House in America. He is currently looking for a publisher for his collection of epigrams, Little Known Aphorisms and he is now also working on a full length collection of Ekphrastic poems, Word Painting. His poems have been published in 18 countries in over 200 journals in print and online.

Photo by sebastiaan stam on Unsplash

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