three monoku by Dean Golden

A friend says today the way it is raining she will not deny me



Nearby on barely a warm night the gentle roll call of crickets



An arc of doves quivering white keys



Born in England to British mom and American Father. As an Armed Forces dependent, residences (England, Bermuda, Oklahoma, Florida,  England again, North Dakota and…) often changed enabling extensive travels, mainly Europe.

Even since youth, places lived stateside, plenty.  A couple of marriages, children and grandchildren. Education has been rather liberal, although college studies primarily History, Speech, Sociology and English/language arts.

Over the many years have had many poems published within journals such as Aura, Bear Creek Haiku, Ship of Fools, and The Weekly Avocet. Have also delved into other creative mediums besides writing. Those being Photography and Art.

Photo by Marek Okon on Unsplash

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