five one-line haiku by Spencer Sheehan-Kalina

Similar to fish, writing haiku can be rather hard to catch hold of.



Tulips fired from the damp soil already recede as Summer comes close.



I still think of you- smelling the cherry blossoms, I taste you once more.



Seagulls and sailboats trace the horizon line, like snow they gently drift.



The world goes on but for one tiny bee, dead and furled on the blade.



I am a writer and artist currently living on Vancouver Island and studying at North Island College. Most recently, I have had a book of children’s poems, Nootka Sound In Harmony, published by Rebel Mountain Press and a chapbook of my poetry, Of This, published by bird, buried press. I have also had some poems appear online and in print, my latest being my poem “At Home” in the anthology, In Our Own Aboriginal Voice Volume 2.

Photo by Bambi Corro on Unsplash

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