three statements by Robert Standish

I can walk bravely into the shadows and fear nothing, I have been hurt to my core and fear nothing anymore



Letters form words they are my fabric.



I’ve been lucky enough to always have a story to tell, but I haven’t had someone that wanted to hear it



Robert is an aspiring writer and devoted father of three. After several years in the film and television industry in Canada, he has had the chance to meet some amazing people, travel and experience things, not for normal consumption. As a camera assistant and operator he has been in the line of fire on many occasions and inside explosions and crashes, just to name a few incredible opportunities. “Chalk Outline These Thoughts, 1 and 2, and a fiction novel, “The Secrets Men Keep”, most recently the creator of a collection of poetry entitled “The Passion Hidden Within” (Amazon and Kindle)

I have found most recent success with having three poems published on Terror House Magazine and soon a short fiction story will be published in February, it is my hope to extend and expand my exposure and develop as many relationships as I can.

Now transitioning into a creative writer who has self-published four work, and counting, Robert is setting his sights on the next project.

For more interesting background on Robert and his writing and photography

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Photo by John Jennings on Unsplash

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