five monostichs by Michael H. Lester

Interrogation Room


Shameless crooks would do well to avoid politics and the spotlight.


Hugh Hefner


He drools over the nude model . . . no, really.



Whine Cellar


I didn’t come all the way down here just to suffer your abasement.



One Nightstand


There is no place for truth in love or monostich poetry, he lies.



The Angry Inch


Embarrassed by his wife’s flirtations he falls into an impotent rage.



Michael H. Lester is a CPA and attorney living in Los Angeles, California. Passionate about short-form poetry, Michael’s poetry has been widely published in prestigious poetry journals and has won numerous awards. Michael has recently authored and self-published an illustrated children’s book, Cassandra and the Strange Tale of the Blue-Footed Boobies, and a book of poetry, Notes from a Commode, Volume I, both available on You can reach Michael at, and you can find him on Facebook and twitter: @mhlester.

Photo by Dennis Flinsenberg on Unsplash

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