five one-line poems by Raul Garcia

Lost For Worlds
in the persistence of night – how many galaxies slip through nocturnalized eyes?


Umbra Eye
concealed by compulsory hallucinations, illumined to blindness, to touch the skin of a mirage



Ruminate Chaos
and chaos ruminates nothing


Eroded of Eons
the drifting astronaut sending: receiving the unanswered question


Afterimages of a Waking Dream
lingering on the striations of remembrance – like sunrays a torrent of faces cascade on windowpanes



Raul Garcia is a filmmaker and poet from Jersey City, NJ. His works have been published in Afterword, Astropoetica, Blink Ink, Glimpse, Hedgerow, and Marymark Press.

Photo by Billy Huynh on Unsplash

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